Thursday, July 15, 2010

Interview with Selma Fonseca of iSnaper

I recently had the good fortune of talking to Selma Fonseca from iSnaper (, one of my favorite - and FREE - apps for the iPhone. Selma took the time to answer some questions about iSnaper. Her answers are excellent and quite informative. I highly recommend iSnaper -- it's superb!

1. What inspired you to create iSnaper?

I have attended, in the last decade alone, thousands of celebrity events worldwide. And I always see fans and attendees snapping photos of celebrities, which led me to ask myself: "What are these people doing with these photos?"

In response, I realized that many of these people are probably just sending these photos to their friends, or just don't know what to do with these pictures.

Now, several TV programs encourage people to send their stories and photos for distribution, but when you send these snapshots you do not make any money; you just get bragging rights. So I wanted to design and develop an app that would give people the opportunity to be part of this multi-billion dollar industry. And, given the weak state of the economy, iSnaper is an ideal way for people to make some easy, extra money. By simply being at the right place at the right time, users of iSnaper can potentially make thousands of dollars. Just snap a picture of a celebrity doing something he or she is not supposed to do, and the news - and money - can soon follow.

2. What are some of the advantages iSnaper has, compared to the competition?

iSnaper currently has no competition, because we are the only photo agency with this kind of app. Our advantages are simple but compelling: we help people make money by snaping photos of celebrities.

3. How would you describe your typical consumer?

iSnaper has universal appeal: if you're near a celebrity - and can capture that moment with a photo - then you have the potential to make money.

4. What are some notable successes or praise iSnaper currently enjoy?

We have had a successful business for over a decade selling exclusive snaps worldwide. And now, with iSnaper we want to give all people a chance to make money and create news. For example: we had a recent snap of LeBron James partying at Avenue Nightclub; the photo ran in the New York Post and New York Daily News
And when we snapped Rihanna and Chris Brown inside their Lamborghini leaving Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party, 20 minutes before Chris Brown beat her.

5. What are your plans for iSnaper in the near future?

We have several plans for iSnaper, including availability for Blackberry and Android phones. There will be a calendar feature that will list all the events where you will see celebrities, giving users the opportunity to snap potentially valuable photos.

6. What are some example of the ways people can profit by using iSnaper?

Users can potentially make a lot of money by snapping controversial photos such as:
Jennifer Aniston with Brad Pitt.
Mel Gibson with Oksana.
Lindsay Lohan in trouble -- again!
Cameron Diaz kissing Alex Rodriguez.
Robert Pattinson making out with a girl.

Or: snapping photos of celebrities in general can be lucrative, too.

7. Why is iSnaper an ideal app for the iPhone
iSnaper is FREE -- and it lets users make money with their photos. By any standard, that benefit is a true gift.

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