Thursday, August 5, 2010

Karen Triggiani Satisfied With Her iPhone

I asked my friend Karen Triggiani if she was satisfied with her iPhone. She said she was very satisfied and passed along this link:

Most iPhone 4 users are "very satisfied" with their new device--despite all of the bad press and antenna issues--says a new survey by ChangeWave Research.

In a small-scale survey of 213 users, 72 percent reported that they are "very satisfied" with the iPhone 4, while an additional 21 percent reported that they are "somewhat satisfied." While these satisfaction scores are very high--especially considering the controversy that has surrounded the iPhone 4 since its launch on June 24--they are not quite as high as the scores received by the iPhone 3GS in the months after its launch. In ChangeWave Research's August 2009 survey, 82 percent of iPhone 3GS users reported that they were "very satisfied" with the phone, while 17 percent reported they were "somewhat satisfied."

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